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Ep. No. Title Description Length Airdate
Vlog 1 Introduction Daria and Sammy begin coverage of Becca and Liam's bachelor/bachelorette party 5:45 June 21, 2015
Vlog 2 An Ideal Date Daria and Sammy interview Matt and Porter 2:16 June 24, 2015
Ep 1 Didn't Think You Would Becca has a request for Liam; Evan, Olivia, and Toby try to salvage a cake 10:20 June 28, 2015
Vlog 3 Childhood Stories Daria and Sammy interview Liam, Shea, and Matt 3:55 July 1, 2015
Ep 2 Truth or Dare Shea blackmails Matt into saying the opposite of what he means for the whole night; the bridsemaids argue over whether Liam is good for Becca 9:52 July 5, 2015
Vlog 4 Violet Exclusive Daria and Sammy interview Violet 3:18 July 8, 2015
Ep 3 A Very Not Cheers Matt, realizing his ex-girlfriend Violet is at the party, tries to get Shea to postpone the bet; Shea refuses 14:11 July 12, 2015
Vlog 5 The Ideal Woman Daria and Sammy interview Liam 2:15 July 15, 2015
Ep 4 Alas Poor Vodka Porter waxes poetic about alcohol; Evan goes to him for help 9:33 July 19, 2015
Vlog 6 Shirtless Daria and Sammy bemoan the absence of a stripper at the party 2:34 July 22, 2015
Ep 5 Wicked Games Becca and Liam proposition Regan; Evan tries to talk to Olivia 9:31 July 26, 2015
Vlog 7 Meet Cute Daria and Sammy interview Evan and Olivia 3:44 July 29, 2015
Ep 6 Put Your Hands On Me Liam can't go through with sleeping with Regan 8:14 August 2, 2015
Vlog 8 The Shea Biatch Project Daria and Sammy interview Shea 1:28 September 13, 2015
Ep 7 How Bad is Bad? Matt tries to reconnect with Violet; the power goes out 6:24 September 16, 2015
Ep 8 In the Dark Sonia, Paloma, and Cherie interrogate Liam and Regan; Becca is upset and Porter tries to help 6:33 September 20, 2015
Vlog 9 THE THING On a quest for Daria's phone, she and Sammy discover something terrifying 1:26 September 23, 2015
Ep 9 Charade Matt runs into trouble with Violet; Cherie interrogates Regan 6:49 September 27, 2015
Vlog 10 Violet Will See You Now Violet comforts Daria and Sammy 3:25 September 30, 2015
Ep 10 Get Out of the River On a mission for candles, Olivia finds a very drunk Evan 8:02 October 4, 2015
Ep 11 Lady Woes Porter gives Matt some advice 4:03 October 7, 2015
Vlog 11 I'm Fine Olivia finds Becca in the kitchen 1:48 October 11, 2015
Ep 12 Sorry Matt tries to tell Violet the truth; Shea catches him breaking their agreement 4:27 October 14, 2015
Ep 13 Penitentiary Becca talks to Toby about her problems 6:40 October 18, 2015
Ep 14 A Short Visual Arts Presentation The power comes back on and all hell breaks loose 10:33 October 25, 2015
Ep 15 My Best Friend After seeing Matt's video, Liam kicks Matt and Shea out of the house 5:00 October 28, 2015
Vlog 12 CSI: TrAuMa Unit Daria and Sammy investigate in the aftermath of Matt and Shea's departure 2:58 November 1, 2015
Ep 16 I Fold Olivia has had enough 7:00 November 4, 2015
Ep 17 That's Enough Matt and Shea talk outside; Becca and Liam talk inside 9:45 November 8, 2015
Ep 18 Good Night Shea clears things up between Matt and Violet 11:39 November 11, 2015
Vlog 13 Bride Wars: Revenge of the Sonia Sonia plots revenge against Matt, but Cherie stands up to her 3:41 November 15, 2015
Ep 19 A Number of Options Liam decides what to do with Matt 12:44 November 18, 2015
Vlog 14 Turn down for WHYYY? Sammy wants revenge, but nobody will join her 5:27 November 22, 2015
Ep 20 Honest Schmuck Porter reflects on the events of the previous night 2:03 November 25, 2015

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