Charlotte's Web Series follows Willa Arable, a first year university student who has moved from the small town of Killaloe, Ontario to the "big" city of Hamilton! Having lived with her Aunt Fern since she was a baby, Willa is not used to being alone in a new place without her aunt's guidance. Struggling with the abrupt changes in her life, Willa begins sending videos to her Aunt Fern so they can remain connected. But despite the videos Fern remains distant causing Willa to feel more alone than ever. Juggling a new home, a new school, and a student house full of strange roommates, Willa’s in for a tough year.


(in order of appearance)

  • Meaghan O'Connor as Willa Arable
  • Chanelle Berlingeri as Avery Zuckerman
  • Rachel Meyers as Gabby Gosling
  • Olivia Fasullo as Allison Bellwether
  • Emily Wicks as Claudia Templeton
  • Sarah O'Connor as Charlotte Cavatica
  • Samantha Cumerlato as Fern (voice only)
  • Brenda Botelho Andrade as Aranea (Ari) Cavatica
  • Kayla Michelle Mazepa as Nellie Cavatica


Camera/editor - Samantha Cumerlato

Hair/Make-up - Brenda Botelho Andrade

Photographer - Chantal Cino, Meaghan O'Connor, Sarah O'Connor, Olivia Fasullo, Brenda Botelho Andrade, Samantha Cumerlato

Writers - Meaghan O'Connor, Sarah O'Connor

Social MediaEdit

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Stuck in a Story Productions Instagram 

Character TwittersEdit

Willa Arable

Avery Zuckerman

Allison Bellwether

Claudia Templeton

Charlotte Cavatica

Aranea (Ari) Cavatica

Nellie Cavatica

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