A list of episodes of webseries Couple-ish.











Runtime Original


1 Roomie Oh Roomie Having just lost the other half of who helps pay the rent, Dee is forced to find a new roommate with the help of their sister Amy. But 8 months later...Rachel's desperate attempt to stay in the country catches up with her. Kaitlyn Alexander & Elizabeth Sutton Christian Tribuzio
2 Guilt Trip Rachel has applied for common-law sponsorship…Dee isn’t about that life. Will Amy be able to help convince Dee to let it happen? Kaitlyn Alexander & Elizabeth Sutton Christian Tribuzio 2:10
3 Oh, For the Love Of... Mine It's time to get down to business, to defeat...the...hundreds of Government officials? Amy's got a plan, will they go along with it? Kaitlyn Alexander & Elizabeth Sutton Christian Tribuzio 3:55
4 Channel Trailer As per Amy's plan Dee and Rachel put on their best couple act and record a channel trailer...somewhat awkwardly. Kaitlyn Alexander Christian Tribuzio 2:23
5 Panic Mode After posting their first video, it seems like Dee and Rachel have finally got something right...until Amy comes with some surprising news. Kaitlyn Alexander & Elizabeth Sutton Christian Tribuzio 3:48
6 The Partner Tag Rachel and Dee set out to do more couple channel videos, because they kind of have to now. How well will The Girlfriend Tag go? Kaitlyn Alexander Christian Tribuzio 3:08
7 The Sense Games Rachel and Dee continue with their couple channel, this time aided with a fun game from Amy. Will some friendly competition light another fire or calm a flame? Christian Tribuzio 5:25
8 The Intervention Amy tries to calm Rachel down about her living situation, which leads to what might be Amy's best plan. Ever. RJ Lackie Christian Tribuzio 4:39
9 Lens Cap After a vlog attempt at "Never Have I Ever" ends with Rachel hitting a nerve on Dee, they finally have a talk and sort things out...ish. RJ Lackie & Elizabeth Sutton Christian Tribuzio 4:25
10 Cleaning Up Rachel and Dee are on better terms, but Dee is stressed about work, and Rachel...well...Rachel goes snooping where she shouldn't and may just tread on hostile ground. Kaitlyn Alexander & Elizabeth Sutton Christian Tribuzio 6:19
11 We Are Going to Have So Much Fun Rachel and Dee make a couple channel video to help them deal with their real-life frustrations...and things work out...way better than intended. RJ Lackie Christian Tribuzio 3:31
12 The Return of Cute Butt Guy Amy and Rachel discover Dee has been seeing someone new, and decide to investigate. But what happens when poor Edmond finds out about the whole "Internet GF" situation? RJ Lackie Christian Tribuzio 4:07
13 It's NB Deal When Dee realizes they haven't told Edmond about their identity yet, they attempt the most awkward way possible. Kaitlyn Alexander Christian Tribuzio 4:03
14 C.S.Why Rachel doesn't trust Ed, so Amy comes up with a way to get to know him better, and figure out what his deal is. Kaitlyn Alexander Christian Tribuzio 4:23
15 Terms of Endeerment After Rachel sees Dee and Edmond being a bit too affectionate together in public, she breaks down and explains why exactly it is she needs to stay in Canada. RJ Lackie Christian Tribuzio 5:54
16 It's My Party and I'll Lie If I Want To After realizing they need photos together, and have proof from friends that they've been in a relationship, the gang decide to throw a party. RJ Lackie Christian Tribuzio 6:23
17 Lie-Stream Amy convinces Rachel and Dee to do a livestream, which means they can't edit, which means shenanigans are gonna go down. Kaitlyn Alexander Christian Tribuzio 3:34
18 One Time in Portland When Dee and Rachel get a call to come in to do an interview about their relationship, they decide to quiz each other to get their stories right...with a little help from Amy and Ed. RJ Lackie Christian Tribuzio 4:13
19 Meet the Warsons After coming across Dee + Rachel's videos online, Dee and Amy's parents want to get to know more about the couples. But things turn sour when it becomes clear their parents aren't accepting of a lot of things. Kaitlyn Alexander Christian Tribuzio 8:12
20 In Another Universe Amy and Rachel have got something going on, and neither one of them seems to want to talk about it. But what happens when Amy's confronted by someone unexpected? RJ Lackie Christian Tribuzio 9:38
21 Love is Patient, Love is Kind, Love isn't F*cking Married to Someone Else Dee confronts Ed after being told about his situation by Amy and Rachel. Ed tries to explain, but will it be enough? RJ Lackie Christian Tribuzio 5:57
22 Christian Tribuzio

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