A production company based out of Toronto, Canada. Responsible for The Soliloquies of Santiago and forthcoming webseries Dorian Gray.

The Soliloquies of Santiago (2015-) Edit

Cycle 66 entered the webseries world in 2015 with the 20-episode Act One run of The Soliloquies of Santiago, a Literary-Inspired Webseries based on Shakespeare's Othello. Twenty episodes of the dramatic webseries ran on Cycle 66's own YouTube channel.

The series is on hiatus pending further funding, but in the meantime has filmed a series of Hiatus Vlogs featuring Leighton Williams' Morgan Othello as well as other castmates. The Hiatus Vlogs are expected to be released in 2016.

Dorian Gray Edit

In late 2015, Cycle 66 received development funding from the Cogeco Program Development Fund, a private fund designed to help companies develop new webseries projects, to aid in the development of their next project: Dorian Gray, a modern sequel to the Oscar Wilde novel The Picture of Dorian Gray. Among the materials developed with the Cogeco funding was a trailer, which has been released as part of the company's campaign to receive funding from the Independent Production Fund in order to produce a full season of the series.

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