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Ep. No. Title Description Writer Runtime Airdate
1 The Bells Edgar Allan Poe and his ghostly roommate Lenore await the arrival of their dinner party guests and everything goes exactly as planned. Sean Persaud & Sinead Persaud 9:35 August 22, 2016
2 The Masque of the Red Death Dinner is served, darkness descends, and the game is afoot as Edgar, Lenore, and their guests struggle to figure out if this sinister turn of events is even part of the game at all.
Sean Persaud & Sinead Persaud 7:40 August 29, 2016
3 The Purloined Letter Confounded by another murder, the authors start to unravel some clues, all while Lenore's soup gets cold. Sean Persaud & Sinead Persaud 12:10 September 5, 2016
4 A Descent Into the Maelström Sensing a dearth of stupid ideas, Ernest Hemingway moves to split up and explore the house, but is his motive to catch a killer, to woo Annabel, or the third thing in this list of things? Sean Persaud & Sinead Persaud 15:04 September 12, 2016
5 The Oval Portrait After another horrific murder, questions are axed, alliances are chopped apart, and that's all the axe puns we could come up with. Sean Persaud & Sinead Persaud 9:39 September 19, 2016
6 Spirits of the Dead The authors ask a psychic to summon the ghosts of those murdered in the house in order to catch a murderer, which is a very normal thing that people do. Sean Persaud & Sinead Persaud 9:11 September 26, 2016
7 Mesmeric Revelation It's beginning to look like this is not the kind of night Edgar Allan Poe had planned. Sean Persaud & Sinead Persaud 7:22 October 3, 2016
8 The Cask of Amontillado Poe meets the Po-Po and all hell breaks - ok someone else should write these.
Sean Persaud & Sinead Persaud 14:15 October 10, 2016
9 The Sleeper Accusations fly, haters hate, and mustaches bristle as the party dwindles.
Sean Persaud & Sinead Persaud 11:10 October 17, 2016
10 Annabel Lee It's just like the famous saying, "After nine episodes of nonstop death: revelations."
Sean Persaud & Sinead Persaud 7:11 October 24, 2016
11 The Tell-Tale Heart Villains! Dissemble no more! Sean Persaud & Sinead Persaud 18:21 October 31, 2016
12 Epilogue Ghosting 101 is in session and Professor Lenore is in the house.
Sean Persaud & Sinead Persaud 2:28 November 7, 2016

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