Hamlet the Dame is a webseries based on William Shakespeare's Hamlet the Dane. It is produced by Remarkable,Singular, Curious Productions, in conjunction with ParaFable.

Cast Edit

  • Shannen Michaelsen as Hamlet
  • Caisey Cole as Rachel Yorick
  • Nicole Mericle as Marci Bernardo
  • Erica Stoddard as Frankie Cisco
  • Eliot Barnhart as Alex O'Ness
  • Jeff Mandel as Paul O'Ness
  • Cassy Ledger as Rosa Lane
  • David Donaldson as Gilbert “Gil” Stern
  • Duncan Hoehn as Claude King
  • Dorothea Syleos as Gertrude Dane

Episodes Edit

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Transmedia Edit

Hamlet on Tumblr

Rachel on Tumblr

Alex on Tumblr