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1 if you care everything is terrible Orlando Deboys Orlando has something he needs to get off his chest... Jules Pigott Jules Pigott 1:50 August 23, 2015
2 CELIA THE ALIEN ARRIVES Celia the Alien Celia introduces herself with a personality quiz, and gets some help. Jules Pigott Jules Pigott 4:07 August 27, 2015
3 Introduction Arden High School We venture out into the Forest of Arden High School to meet Phoebe, Silvia, and Audrey! Sarah Goodwin Jules Pigott 1:07 August 29, 2015
4 Hot Guys and Sandwiches - A Philosophical Debate Celia the Alien What's the difference between fortune and nature? Celia, Ross, and Touchstone try to figure it out. Jules Pigott Jules Pigott 3:57 August 30, 2015
5 Bore-lando and Sad-am Orlando Deboys It's about time we meet Orlando's oldest and dearest friend, Adam! Jules Pigott Jules Pigott 2:00 August 31, 2015
6 BASKET. BALL. Orlando Deboys We creep hither to see the basketball, or rather, the events surrounding it! Jules Pigott Jules Pigott 3:48 September 2, 2015
7 Coming Out Celia the Alien Ross has a bit of an announcement to make. Jules Pigott Jules Pigott 1:52 September 6, 2015
8 A Fool Arden High School Jaques has a poem to share with you all. Jules Pigott Jules Pigott 2:23 September 9, 2015
9 Change of Scenery Celia the Alien Ross and Celia have had a rough week. Jules Pigott Jules Pigott 1:12 September 9, 2015
10 GANYMEDE - AN INTRODUCTION Ganymede It's time to meet Ganymede. Julia Reinstein Jules Pigott 1:21 September 13, 2015
11 A Lunchtime Investigation Arden High School Phoebe and Silvia look into a mysterious occurrence in Arden High. Sarah Goodwin Jules Pigott 2:42 September 16, 2015
12 Dirty Secrets Celia the Alien Celia may not be as "honest" as we all believe. Jules Pigott Jules Pigott 2:42 September 17, 2015
13 MISSION STATEMENT Ganymede Ganymede's undertaking on the internet. Julia Reinstein Jules Pigott 1:46 September 19, 2015
14 Roadkill Arden High School Another poem by Jaques, "Roadkill". Jules Pigott Jules Pigott 1:11 September 20, 2015
15 TRAGEDY Orlando Deboys If Orlando has a vlog, shouldn't he do some vloggy things? Jules Pigott Jules Pigott 1:27 September 21, 2015
16 A Helper Helping Those Needing Help Ganymede Need advice? Ganymede's your guy! Julia Reinstein Jules Pigott 1:36 September 22, 2015
17 Silvia Speaks Arden High School Dates aren't the most important thing about a dance. Sarah Goodwin Jules Pigott 3:27 September 23, 2015
18 Courting and Wooing Orlando Deboys Orlando and Adam just don't seem to understand love. Jules Pigott Jules Pigott 1:56 September 24, 2015
19 ADAM'S LIFE WITH ORLANDO - A SITCOM Orlando Deboys Living with Orlando is rough. Jules Pigott Jules Pigott 0:45 September 28, 2015
20 Under the Greenwood Tree Arden High School Under the greenwood tree, who loves to lie with me... Julia Reinstein Jules Pigott 2:24 September 30, 2015
21 The Awesomesauce Life of Ross Celia the Alien It's Draw My Life with Ross! Julia Reinstein Jules Pigott 2:45 October 4, 2015
22 The Stage Arden High School You all know what this is. Jules Pigott Jules Pigott 1:58 October 6, 2015
23 to oliver Orlando Deboys A message for Oliver. Jules Pigott Jules Pigott 1:29 October 7, 2015
24 Insert Name Here Orlando Deboys Run, Orlando, run! Jules Pigott Jules Pigott 1:36 October 8, 2015
25 Winter Wind Arden High School Another song by Amy N.! Jules Pigott Jules Pigott 2:05 October 11, 2015
26 Real Poetry Right Here Arden High School You didn't think we forgot about these sweethearts, did you? Jules Pigott Jules Pigott 1:25 October 14, 2015
27 Updates! Celia the Alien Celia has updates, and Ross has a fan... Jules Pigott Jules Pigott 2:10 October 15, 2015
28 Ocean (a poem of sorts) Ganymede Loss has a great effect. Julia Reinstein Jules Pigott 2:35 October 19, 2015
29 whatever the heck this is Arden High School Audrey's as honest and fair as they come. Jules Pigott Jules Pigott 1:49 October 20, 2015
30 Silvia Speaks Pt. 2 Arden High School Silvia speaks once again, but Phoebe always has something to say. Sarah Goodwin Jules Pigott 6:18 October 23, 2015
31 Advice from the Cousins Celia the Alien Ross learns a difficult lesson about guys. Jules Pigott Jules Pigott 2:01 October 25, 2015

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