The Adventures of Jamie Watson (and Sherlock Holmes), also known as TAJWASH, is a web series based on the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, produced by Remarkable, Singular, Curious Productions. Season one aired from August 10, 2014 to May 22, 2015. Season two aired from September 12, 2015 to May 29, 2016.

The series follows Jamie Watson and her roommate Sherlock Holmes. Jamie makes videos for her sister, Hannah, to let her know that she's doing okay. Jamie begins helping Sherlock solve cases in their town that range from theft to murder. Sometimes, they get help from Jennifer Lestrade, an intern at the local police station. The main villain of season one comes in the form of Jemma Moriarty, aka The Professor. Season one aired across Jamie's channel, Sherlock's channel, and Myra Holmes' channel, and also incorporated many social media accounts.

Season two picks up four months after season one. Rather than being primarily vlog-style, season two has eight TV-style episodes, as well as several bonus vlog videos. Season two primarily aired on the official TAJWASH channel as well as Jamie's channel.

Season One Cast Edit

The cast of the first season of The Adventures of Jamie Watson (and Sherlock Holmes) includes:

  • Shannen Michaelsen as Sherlock Holmes
  • Sara-Renee Weatherby as Jamie Watson
  • Kayla Mackey as Meg Stamford
  • Adrienne Hardy as Jennifer Lestrade
  • Alison Quinn as Hope Jefferson
  • Reva Stover as Mary Morstan
  • Zachary Sherry as Malcolm Hooper
  • Colleen Siler as Myra Holmes
  • Jennifer Catania as Jemma "The Professor" Moriarty
  • Cassy Ledger as Eliza Selden
  • Chel Gaynor as Irene Adler
  • Christie Valentin-Bati as Violet Hunter

A full cast list can be found on their Tumblr.

Season Two Cast Edit

Many aforementioned characters reprise their roles in the second season. New cast members of the second season of The Adventures of Jamie Watson (and Sherlock Holmes) include:

  • Lyndsey Uhlich as Tabitha Gregson
  • Orlagh O'Rourke and Mary Stanton as Wendy Hooper*
  • Scott Callenberger as John Barry
  • Eliot Barnhart as Stanley Hopkins
  • Mally Miyares as Wiggins

*Mary had to leave the show after two vlogs and was replaced by Orlagh for subsequent videos and full episodes.

Social Media Edit

Official production accounts:

Character accounts:

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