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Runtime Original


1 This is me (an Introduction) Jane Eyre introduces herself Alysson Hall and Nessa Aref Nessa Aref 2:52 February 28, 2013
2 Beginnings Jane prepares for a job interview Nessa Aref Nessa Aref 4:13 April 3, 2013
3 Mistake Jane waits at a bus stop Courtney Christensen Nessa Aref 5:05 April 10, 2013
4 Grace Poole Jane meets Grace Poole, hears mysterious laughter Nessa Aref Nessa Aref 2:44 April 17, 2013
5 Critical Examinations of Art Jane recounts her first tutoring session with Adele Nessa Aref Nessa Aref 3:57 April 24, 2013
6 Bad Descriptions Jane asks Grace Poole about Rochester Alysson Hall Nessa Aref 4:01 May 1, 2013
7 Big Houses Jane becomes acquainted with her new house, meets Suzanna the maid Alysson Hall Nessa Aref 3:51 May 8, 2013
8 Duck Pond Jane takes pictures at the duck pond, reminisces about her old school friend, Helen Christina Bialik Nessa Aref 5:21 May 15, 2013
Q/A 1 Q&A #1 Jane and Adele answer questions Nessa Aref Nessa Aref 4:27 May 22, 2013
9 Phlegm Jane is sick Shaan Rahman Nessa Aref 3:19 May 29, 2013
10 Escalation Jane meets Rochester Nessa Aref Nessa Aref 4:00 June 5, 2013
11 An Interview? Jane and Rochester discuss Jane's photography and Game of Thrones Alysson Hall Nessa Aref 2:22 June 12, 2013
12 Dinner Formal family dinner with Rochester, Adele, Grace, and Jane Christina Bialik, Alysson Hall, and Nessa Aref Nessa Aref 4:09 June 19, 2013
13 Crash Rochester has an accident Alysson Hall Nessa Aref 7:05 June 26, 2013
14 Interrogation Jane asks Grace about Rochester Shaan Rahman Nessa Aref 2:01 July 3, 2013
15 Things I Didn't Know Jane asks Adele questions about Grace and Rochester, finds out about Blanche Ingram Nessa Aref Nessa Aref 2:59 July 10, 2013
16 Blanche Ingram Jane does a drawing exercise and googles Blanche Ingram Nessa Aref Nessa Aref 4:20 July 17, 2013
Q/A 2 Q&A #2 Jane answers questions, apologizes to Suzanna; Suzanna tells Jane not to get involved with happenings around the house Nessa Aref Nessa Aref 4:47 July 24, 2013
17 Everything is not fine Rochester leaves Christina Bialik Nessa Aref 3:01 July 31, 2013
18 Cleaning House Grace mandates a full house cleaning for Rochester's return--including Jane's room Christine Park Nessa Aref 4:10 August 7, 2013
19 They're Here Rochester returns with friends; Jane tries to convince herself to socialize Christine Park Nessa Aref 3:11 August 14, 2013
20 Confession Jane talks about her childhood and her faith Christina Bialik Nessa Aref 4:07 August 21, 2013
21 Hijacked Jane's camera captures conversations between Blanche and Warren and Rochester Alysson Hall Nessa Aref 4:31 August 28, 2013
22 Charades Jane films a game of charades Ryan Bright Nessa Aref 3:14 September 4, 2013
23 I Think I'm Fired Jane is afraid Rochester will fire her; she links to "A New Age of Aluminium" Nessa Aref Nessa Aref 0:28 September 7, 2013
- A New Age of Aluminium At Thornfield's rebranding party, Rochester dresses up as Pagliacci the fortune-telling clown and embarrasses everyone; he makes a reference to Jane's vlog, revealing that he knows about it Nessa Aref Nessa Aref 10:19 September 7, 2013
24 Consequences Jane apologizes; Rochester assures her that she hasn't lost her job, and that he's completely fine with her filming Alysson Hall Nessa Aref 3:33 September 11, 2013
25 Blood Someone screams in the middle of the night; Rochester convinces everyone that Grace had a nightmare; Rochester comes to Jane and asks her to help him; Jane returns to her room later wearing bloodstained medical gloves Alysson Hall Nessa Aref 3:24 September 14, 2013
26 Mr. Mason Jane talks about what happened; she believes Mr. Mason attempted suicide Christina Bialik Nessa Aref 2:25 September 18, 2013
27 A Walk Jane takes a walk with Rochester Christina Bialik Nessa Aref 4:35 September 21, 2013
28 Stepmother Rochester is unhappy that Jane told Adele that he would be marrying Blanche Courtney Christensen Nessa Aref 2:31 September 25, 2013
29 Babies Jane has recurring dreams about babies, then she learns that her aunt has been diagnosed with cancer and her cousin John is missing Ryan Bright Nessa Aref 3:54 September 28, 2013
30 Wages Jane asks Rochester for a leave of absence and for her wages; they say goodbye Alysson Hall Nessa Aref 7:29 October 2, 2013
31 So Far Jane returns to her childhood home Chris Coutts Nessa Aref 4:06 October 5, 2013
32 Draw My Life Jane talks about her childhood Christine Park and Kathryn Hall Nessa Aref 4:12 October 9, 2013
33 The Reeds Johanna and Liz have difficulty dealing with their mother's illness Christine Park Nessa Aref 3:37 October 12, 2013
34 Communication Jane tries to mediate between Johanna and Liz Kathryn Hall Nessa Aref 3:35 October 16, 2013
35 Raisins Johanna and Liz attempt to work out their differences Chris Coutts Nessa Aref 4:49 October 19, 2013
36 Revelations After Mrs. Reed has dies, Jane finds a letter while cleaning her aunt's room Christina Bialik Nessa Aref 5:23 October 23, 2013
37 Happy Rainbow Baking Show Johanna and Jane bake together Ryan Bright Nessa Aref 8:50 October 26, 2013
38 Sigh Jane reflects on her cousins Alina Wilson and Alysson Hall Nessa Aref 4:59 October 30, 2013
39 Je Ne Regrette Rien Liz announces she's moving to Paris Chris Coutts Nessa Aref 3:01 November 2, 2013
40 The Red Room Jane recounts a traumatic experience from her childhood Christina Bialik Nessa Aref 7:04 November 6, 2013
41 Travel Jane travels back home Kathryn Hall, Nessa Aref, and Alysson Hall Nessa Aref 3:27 November 9, 2013
Q/A 3 Q&A #3 Jane and Rochester answer questions Nessa Aref Nessa Aref 3:09 November 13, 2013
42 The King of Hearts Rochester does a card trick Chris Coutts and Alysson Hall Nessa Aref 4:04 November 16, 2013
43 Kidnapped Jane and Rochester go shopping among other things Alysson Hall Nessa Aref 8:43 November 20, 2013
44 Moderation Jane talks about her habit of indulging Alysson Hall and Nessa Aref Nessa Aref 3:02 November 23, 2013
45 The Crux Rochester confesses his feelings for Jane Alysson Hall and Nessa Aref Nessa Aref 9:19 November 27, 2013
46 Having a Tea with You Jane reflects on being engaged to Rochester Ryan Bright Nessa Aref 7:06 November 30, 2013
47 Changes Jane moves to a new room; Suzanna gives her some advice Christina Bialik Nessa Aref 2:49 December 4, 2013
48 Invitations Jane sends a wedding invitation to her uncle Christina Bialik Nessa Aref 2:34 December 7, 2013
49 Fairytales Adele is worried that Rochester is going to take Jane away; Jane tells a story, Rochester tries to help Chris Coutts Nessa Aref 6:55 December 11, 2013
50 Dischordant Rochester writes a song for Jane Kyle D'Odorico Nessa Aref 6:07 December 14, 2013
51 Storm Jane is alone in the house Courney Christensen and Alysson Hall Nessa Aref 4:55 December 18, 2013
52 A Nightmare Jane has a visitor in the night Ryan Bright Nessa Aref 3:52 December 18, 2013
53 Teenagers Grace attempts to explain what happened Chris Coutts Nessa Aref 5:14 December 21, 2013
54 Happy Holidays Seasons greetings from Rochester, Jane, Adele, and Pilot Ryan Bright Nessa Aref 5:07 December 25, 2013
Q/A4 Q&A #4 Jane and Rochester answer questions Erika Babins Nessa Aref 5:20 December 28, 2013
55 The Lie Jane is getting ready for the wedding; Grace has something to tell Jane Kyle D'Odorico Nessa Aref 3:35 January 8, 2014
56 The Truth Rochester tells Jane about his wife Alysson Hall, Christina Bialik, and Nessa Aref Nessa Aref 26:55 January 9, 2014
57 Departure Jane decides to leave Christina Bialik Nessa Aref 3:45 January 11, 2014
58 I'm Okay Jane is mugged at a bus stop Erika Babins Nessa Aref 6:11 January 21, 2014
59 Recouperation Jane recovers, gets to know the people who have taken her in Kyle D'Odorico Nessa Aref 3:40 January 22, 2014
60 A Plan Simon invites Jane to stay Christina Bialik Nessa Aref 5:10 January 25, 2014
61 Marzipan and Dianimal Jane introduces Mary and Diana to the camera Kyle D'Odorico Nessa Aref 5:13 January 29, 2014
62 A Lesson Mary teaches Jane to dance Alysson Hall and Erika Babins Nessa Aref 2:38 February 1, 2014
63 Perception Jane and Simon talk about face blindness Christina Bialik Nessa Aref 4:07 February 4, 2014
Q/A5 Q&A #5 Jane, Mary, and Diana answer questions Chris Coutts Nessa Aref 4:35 February 8, 2014
64 Soup Mary tries to make soup; Jane is feeling restless Alysson Hall Nessa Aref 3:55 February 12, 2014
65 St. Valentine Jane cuts out paper hearts; Simon finds her a job Alysson Hall Nessa Aref 3:51 February 15, 2014
66 Pursuits Diana and Mary talk about what they're passionate about Alysson Hall Nessa Aref 4:09 February 19, 2014
67 Rose Oliver Jane brings the camera to work and introduces Rose Oliver; Simon comes to visit Ryan Bright Nessa Aref 3:58 February 22, 2014
68 Observations Jane ships Rose and Simon Nessa Aref and Alysson Hall Nessa Aref 2:04 February 26, 2014
69 Portrait Jane and Rose come up with a plan Erika Babins Nessa Aref 4:34 March 1, 2014
70 Rant Mary is having girl problems Kyle D'Odorico Nessa Aref 6:27 March 5, 2014
71 Binge Mary breaks up with her girlfriend; Jane has Mary watch her videos Christina Bialik Nessa Aref 13:29 March 8, 2014
Q/A6 Q&A #6 Jane and Rose answer questions Erika Babins Nessa Aref 2:44 March 12, 2014
72 Composition Jane shows Simon a picture of Rose Erika Babins Nessa Aref 3:58 March 15, 2014
73 Chance Jane and Simon play Fun with Surgery; Jane discovers that her uncle has died and left her 3.5 million dollars Ryan Bright Nessa Aref 2:39 March 19, 2014
74 Double or Nothing Jane contemplates her newfound wealth Kyle D'Odorico Nessa Aref 4:00 March 22, 2014
75 Gifts Jane gives some of her money to Simon, Diana, and Mary Kyle D'Odorico Nessa Aref 5:31 March 26, 2014
76 Catch Up Jane, Mary, Diana, and Simon celebrate Nessa Aref Nessa Aref 5:10 March 29, 2014
77 Slapjack Jane, Mary, Diana, and Simon play slap Alysson Hall Nessa Aref 4:45 April 2, 2014
78 Tuesday Jane reads poetry and agrees to teach Simon how to make curry Christina Bialik Nessa Aref 3:02 April 5, 2014
79 Peter Piper Jane and Simon go shopping for curry ingredients; Simon eats a pepper Alysson Hall Nessa Aref 2:04 April 9, 2014
80 Masks Jane makes a papier-mâché mask and learns upsetting news about Thornfield Alysson Hall Nessa Aref 4:48 April 12, 2014
81 Trails Jane and Diana go for a walk Christina Bialik Nessa Aref 5:29 April 16, 2014
82 Cutbacks Jane loses her job Erika Babins Nessa Aref 5:22 April 19, 2014
83 A Proposal Simon asks Jane to go to India with him Christina Bialik Nessa Aref 7:19 April 23, 2014
84 Fallout Simon and Jane argue over the trip to India Christina Bialik Nessa Aref 3:17 April 26, 2014
85 Diana Says Jane talks to Diana about Simon Kyle D'Odorico Nessa Aref 5:20 April 30, 2014
86 Apologies Simon apologizes Cheri Hessami Nessa Aref 6:26 May 3, 2014
87 Mischance Grace talks to Jane about Rochester Alysson Hall and Nessa Aref Nessa Aref 9:27 May 4, 2014
88 Reunion Jane visits Rochester in the hospital Erika Babins Nessa Aref 3:06 May 7, 2014
89 Transitions Jane gives updates on Rochester's recovery and her own life Kyle D'Odorico Nessa Aref 6:15 May 10, 2014
90 Abstract Jane and Adele draw together and talk about grief Christina Bialik Nessa Aref 5:53 May 17, 2014
91 Pitch Jane asks Grace for help starting an after school program for children Christina Bialik and Chris Coutts Nessa Aref 5:21 May 24, 2014
92 Home Jane moves into her new apartment Kyle D'Odorico Ata Ojani 6:02 May 31, 2014
93 Steps Jane and Suzanna catch up on the way to Rochester's apartment Alysson Hall Nessa Aref 4:22 June 7, 2014
94 Revision Jane gives updates on her life, gets a call from her cousin John Alysson Hall Nessa Aref 7:10 June 14, 2014
95 Endings Jane says goodbye to her viewers Alysson Hall and Nessa Aref Nessa Aref 3:34 June 21, 2014

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