The Glad Game is a webseries based on the Pollyanna novels by Eleanor H Porter.

Cast Edit

  • Jenny Kelson as Pollyanna Whittier
  • Cailer Curington as Nancy Furman
  • Selena Blick as Jane  Bean Pendleton
  • Debbie Kelson as Polly Harrington
  • Bo Kelson as Timmy Jones
  • Eowyn Soran as Sadie Bean
  • Thomas Jeffrey as Jamie
  • Caleb Christian as Carl Snow
  • Dez Brock as "Zack" Snow
  • Chloe Land as Lily
  • Mary Andreski as Miss Benton
  • Jessamyn Leigh as Mrs. Peyton

Episodes Edit

Main Article: The Glad Game (Episodes)

Transmedia Edit

Pollyanna on Twitter

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